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It’s A Group Thing: Do The Du Outdoors!

superstock_1098r-6279ayoung-woman-running-with-headphones-posters1All of this warm weather (and a chat with Stephanie, one of the cool chicks who visits Haul Buns!) has inspired me: My next small group training will be Do The Du Outdoors! We’ll do a half-hour Spinning ride on the bikes inside Feminine Fitness, then 20 minutes of walking/running work in the area surrounding the gym — just like a duathlon! Ten minutes of cool-down and stretching will finish off the 60-minute class. You’ll burn calories, build endurance and have a great time in the great outdoors while you do it! The six-week session will meet at 5:15 a.m. Thursdays (May 21 & 28, June 4, 11, 18 and 25). Cost is $60, no cancellations or refunds. For more information, or to sign up, contact Kim by mailing haulbuns AT (I’m not writing out the address, because I’ll get too much junk e-mail!).

Space is limited! Sign up now!spin-class-cycle-1862

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Recession Fitness: Who Needs New Equipment?

treadmillAnother sign of our troubled financial times: More and more people are making do with their squeaky treadmills.

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Where’s Kim?

Warmer weather, fun workouts! Here’s my schedule for this week:

Monday: 6:15 p.m. Arm Strength, 7 p.m. AbSolution, 7:45 Step at Palisades Sports and Fitness

Tuesday: 6:30 p.m. Cardio Mix at ExCel

Wednesday: 7 p.m. Intro Step/Step I at Feminine Fitness

Thursday: 5:15 a.m. small group training (Boot Camp Spin — final session), followed by 6:30 a.m. Step Blast at Feminine Fitness.

Friday: 6 a.m. Spin at Fitness Factory

Why sweat alone at home when you can sweat with us at the gym???

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Shop Talk: The Empire Strikes Back

blackbratopI almost don’t want to blog about these terrific workout tops from Champion for fear that you all will snap them up and I won’t be able to get them anymore. Seriously, they’re that good. But in the name of one Haul-er helping another, I’ll give up the goods.

The Champion Powerlight Seamless Empire Tech Tank is perfect for those of us who want a cute, supportive, wicking workout tank top but don’t necessarily want something that’s tight around the belly. I saw a woman wearing this top last year while I was running a race. I thought it looked cute on her skinny little self,  but I didn’t pursue it because I was pretty sure it would make me look pregnant. Then I saw it on another, more curvy woman a few weeks ago and she looked great, so I gave it a try. It rocks! In fact, the top highlights the parts of me that I love (shoulders and arms) and falls nicely to my waist without clinging to my mid-section.

I bought two of these puppies and wore them running, teaching (Spinning and step) and taking yoga. They were super comfortable during every activity. If you want one of your very own, they’re available at the Champion site and through online retailers like Amazon.

But that’s just my take on workout gear. What are some brands/styles you love? Hate? Let’s hear it!


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Ooh, Racy!

Here’s two more great events to motivate you in the coming months:

nylogoRevlon Run/Walk For Women

When: Saturday, May 2

Where: Begins in Times Square and ends in Central Park

What: A 5K (3.1-mile) run and/or walk for people of all abilities that benefits research to end women’s cancers

Three reasons why you should do it: 1. You get to walk around Times Square like you own the place (it’s shut down to traffic for the entire morning, which is pretty cool). 2. It’s really inspiring to see all of the cancer survivors who take part in the event, and it’s really sobering to see all of the people who run and walk in memory of someone they’ve lost. 3. Because it’s co-sponsored by Revlon, there’s free make-up in the goodie bags. Score!

The American Cancer Society’s George Washington Bridge Challengegwb-logo-2009-resize-101

When: Sunday, June 14

Where: Fort Lee, N.J.

What: A 5K (3.1-mile) walk/run OR a 10K (6.2-mile) walk/run OR a 4-, 10-, 25-, 33- or 63-mile bike ride. (You have so many choices!) The event is a salute to local cancer survivors and their families.

Three reasons why you should do it: 1. All routes cross the George Washington Bridge, which is closed to traffic during the event. When else are you going to be able to walk or run down the middle of that thing? 2. With so much variety available in the courses, there’s got to be a route that’s good for you! 3. After all of your hard work, refuel at a catered post-race picnic at Allison Park. (Psst: Haul Buns also hears that some former contestants from NBC’s The Biggest Loser will be on hand to take part. (ETA: Thanks to a Haul Buns source, we now know that Ryan Rodriguez, Maggie King, Jenn Widder, Jay Krueger, Nicole Brewer and Damien Gurganeious are scheduled to appear.)

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Fuel Yourself

Summer’s almost here, so why not get a jump on the smoothie making? This one’s yummy. And here’s a tip: Trader Joe’s has a seriously good frozen fruit selection. Just leave some mangoes for me!

Pineapple-Mango Smoothie

1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup canned unsweetened pineapple chunks
3/4 cup unsweetened frozen mango chunks

Blend on high for a minute. Drink!

If you’re counting, it’s 4 Points.


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Sometimes You’ve Gotta Slow Down

The building where most of our classes were held

The building where most of our classes were held

I used to think yoga was for other people. I mean, I’m a pretty chill person, but the moment I’m instructed to sit cross-legged, close my eyes and steady my breathing while thinking about :nothing:, I become a crazed weasel in desperate need of Ritalin. My inner monologue usually goes something like this:

“Okay, you can do this. Just don’t think about anything.”
“But by thinking about not thinking about anything, I’m thinking about something. I’m already doing it wrong!”
“Just breathe in and breathe out. Look at the darkness behind your eyelids.”
“My ankles are starting to fall asleep. Maybe I’m sitting wrong?”
“Madonna does yoga all the time and looks great. Focus!”
“I can smell my fabric softener. I have so much laundry to do when I get home. Wait, did I get quarters at the bank last week?”

And so on and so forth. None of that happens, though, when I’m running or sweating it out in a challenging class. “Moving meditation” is what some people call that kind of body-in-motion, mind-in-relaxation state. So I was happy to consider myself a moving meditator and, well, move on — leaving that regular meditating to eat my dust.

But if 31 years on this planet has taught me anything, it’s that I’m frequently wrong. After having a good time at some Bikram yoga classes earlier this year, I attended the Women’s Yoga & Music Retreat at Silver Lake Conference Center in Connecticut this past weekend. I knew the yoga would be a lot different from the sweaty, heart-pumping kind I’m used to. But the weekend was held at the camp where I used to spend my summers as a kid, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Even if I hated it, at least I could get some hiking in.

Getting ready for vinyasa yoga on Saturday morning

Getting ready for vinyasa yoga on Saturday morning

Ladies, let me tell ya: I got a re-education real quick. I spent a very relaxing, very active weekend with some awesome women who were all about yoga as a way to reconnect with themselves. I stretched, I danced, I held poses and felt my biceps sing with the effort. It was work but it was fun, and it forced me to slow down and breathe. My mind still wandered at times during class, but much less so than in the past. And that calmer feeling? It was pretty nice.

I’m still not a 100-percent yogaphile. Some of the vocab is a little too “Kumbayah” for me, and I still really love to sweat and feel my heart thud against my ribs. But I’m open to taking more classes, especially if they leave me feeling as limber as I do today. And I’m begging you to try a yoga or Pilates class, especially if you think that it’s definitely not the thing for you. Come on, cardio queens: Give yourself an hour of slow stretching and strength work. Your body — and your spirit — will thank you.

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Women’s Health Fair

healthfairPalisades Medical Center is holding a Women’s Health Fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 3. The fair, which will take place at Palisades Sports & Fitness Center in North Bergen, will offer lots of free stuff, including a free yoga class at 11 a.m., free health screenings, raffles and giveaways. There’s even free transportation available! For more information or directions, go here.

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Where’s Kim?

Here’s my schedule for this week:

Monday: 6:15 p.m. Arm Strength, 7 p.m. AbSolution, 7:45 Step at Palisades Sports and Fitness

Tuesday: 6:30 p.m. Cardio Mix at ExCel

Wednesday: 6 a.m. Spin at Fitness Factory. Then 7 p.m. Intro Step/Step I at Feminine Fitness (I’m back!)

Thursday: 5:15 a.m. small group training (Boot Camp Spin), followed by 6:30 a.m. Step Blast at Feminine Fitness.

Friday: 6 a.m. Spin at Fitness Factory

Join me, won’t you?

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Hauling Buns… and Not Much Else

I just saw this Nike ad and thought you guys might get a kick out of it. The athletes they interview are actual world-class runners with a really good sense of humor. If there are small kiddies in the vicinity of your computer, it’s okay — everything is blurred and/or creatively shot. Enjoy.

And don’t worry… none of my classes are going “supernatural” anytime soon.

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