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Make Your Mat Matter


Yoga mats are awesome things: What else in your life allows you to lay on it, sweat on it, walk all over it with your stinky bare feet and then roll it up and stash it away until you’re ready to use it again? (If you have another answer for that question, it’s probably best kept to yourself, yes?) But the beating that our foamy friends take — especially if you’re a Pilates and/or yoga regular — means you’ll eventually need to replace them. If you’re thinking about tossing an old yoga mat, take a look at these creative, out-of-the-gym uses for mats past their prime. (I particularly love the coaster idea. Just think of the possibilities! When you’re hosting cocktails with friends, you can point to the coaster under your friend’s mojito and casually say, “Oh that old thing? Yeah, I was so hard-core about my fitness regimen that I wore out a yoga mat. Anyone’s drink need freshening up?”)

If being all Martha Stewart-ish doesn’t interest you, how about donating your mat to charity? This one takes mats made from all materials and either recycles them or gives them to community programs that need them — making you, as a donator, one of the coolest downward dogs around.

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