About Haul Buns & Kim Roots

Haul Buns grew out of an e-mail newsletter Kim Roots sent to the amazing women in the group fitness classes she leads. What began as a way to keep everyone informed of schedule changes grew into a motivational pick-me-up complete with fitness tips, product finds and the occasional recipe. Even better, the recipients started using the newsletter to respond to each other’s successes and challenges — how cool is that? The name comes from Kim’s favorite mantra for whenever she’s getting in her own way: Just haul buns and DO it!

About Kim
You know that nerdy, round girl in elementary school who always got picked last in gym? That was Kim Roots, whose childhood chubbiness continued through an awkward adolescence that made her think her body would always get between her and the goals she wanted to achieve. But a kind aerobics instructor at the YMCA in Orange, CT, introduced her to step aerobics (thanks, Brenda!), and a lifestyle overhaul her first year in college — plus support from Weight Watchers — paved the way for an eventual weight loss of 50 lbs. These days, she’s a marathoner and certified fitness instructor who still fights Ben & Jerry’s battles once in a while but loves her active life all the time!

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