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You really want that second helping of chocolate eggs?

easter_ferret1The Easter Ferret: Helping you keep your keister on the right bunny trail.  Happy holidays, everyone!

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Feel The (Realistic) Burn

calories-main_fullIt’s easy, once you’re done being active for the day, to think you’ve burned enough calories to merit that extra scoop of ice cream on top of dessert. The frustrating truth is, you probably haven’t. Most people grossly overestimate how many calories they’ve burned while moving their bodies. But all hope is not lost: You can come pretty close to an estimate of what you’ve actually burned with sites like Fitness Jumpsite, which uses your weight and length of time you’d like to be active to generate a list of 222 activities and how many calories you can burn doing them. For instance, I found that a 45-minute run (at my weight) knocks off about 550 calories. Woohoo! And 45 minutes of gardening, if I actually had a garden, would burn around 250. However, all of the plants would die due to my black thumb, and then I’d burn even fewer calories tending to them.

Find out how many calories you burn (remember, it’s just a ballpark number; intensity counts for a lot) for the activities you do on a regular basis. How do they stack up? More than you thought? Less? Leave a comment and let us know!

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