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Kicking It Old School

I must be a fitness psycho psychic. Just last week, I was praising the much-mocked Fill-in-the-body-part of Steel series from the early 1990s. In comparison to today’s much-higher-budget workout DVDs, those tapes look downright shabby. And the tush-floss leotards and shiny leggings worn by the instructors are a bit off-putting. But the moves contained within are still some of the best ways to tone your buns, abs or arms. Every once in a while, when I want my butt kicked, I pop the Buns Of Steel tape into the VCR — yeah, I still have a VCR — and go to work. I can always feel it the next day.

Little did I know that while I was having my fitness flashback last week,  Her Royal Cardio-ness Jane Fonda was preparing to get back into the home-fitness realm. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Fonda, who looks pretty great at 72, will begin taping new workouts in the spring. “We will film them in mid-March,” says the actress, who made working out at home chic in the ’80s and ’90s. “Mine will target an audience that has been left out, my age group and the (baby) boomers. I want to get to people who have stopped working out or never did.”

I think it’s clear what we have to do, Haulers. Just pull your legwarmers out of the attic…

as well as your  Olivia Newton-John “Let’s Get Physical” sweatbands…
and get at it! If you’re really good, you might even enjoy one of these after your workout.

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