Weight Watchers = Church?

September 1, 2009 at 8:21 pm Leave a comment


Heather, one of our Haulers, just sent me a link to the awesome blog that she edits, Science & Religion Today. What does that have to do with hauling and/or buns, you might ask? S&RT recently featured an article about the ways Weight Watchers meetings resonate with their members in some of the same ways that spiritual experiences do.It’s a pretty cool idea, and it makes a lot of sense: You arrive at the meeting, weigh in and then either THANK GOD that you’re down or do penance for being up!

Just kidding — the study that S&RT cites says that WW “transforms the support group into a greater, spiritual power that engenders therapeutic aid to members struggling with their diets. The support group gives meaning to members’ at times trauma-ridden overweight condition, grants forgiveness for members’ weight loss failures, offers valued oversight and overarching guidance needed to make it through the trials and tribulations of the week, as well as casting the occasional weight-loss successes in a veneer of much-needed glamour.” Damn straight. Now someone give me a little green Bravo star for drinking all of my water this week!

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