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Would you want your boss sweating it out next to you?

A few articles recently came to my attention: Both are from The Wall Street Journal, and both are about Bikram yoga. (Bikram Yoga NYC, which is mentioned in both pieces, is one of the places I practice.)

For the uninitiated, Bikram is a style of yoga practiced in a room that’s heated to more than 100 degrees. Depending on the day, it can be intense, awesome, totally bizarre, frustrating, and/or empowering.

The first piece gives a good, funny, first-person sense of what it’s like for newbies. The second piece is all about companies that offer fitness discounts to their employees; some offer reduced-rate Bikram, which means there’s the potential for bosses and minions to be side-by-side on the mats.

I’m lucky enough to have cool co-workers who love to sweat like I do. I’ve taken yoga classes with my boss and some of my colleagues on multiple occasions, and it’s been fantastic and fun every time. If you’ve tried Bikram or other styles of yoga, what did you think? Leave a comment! And if you’d never try Bikram, leave a comment and let us know why! How about working out with your boss? Would you ever do it?

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