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Glide Is Good

bodyglideMy thighs, like the best of friends, are very good at keeping in touch. Those among you who are curvy, zaftig, bountiful or otherwise bodacious through the hips know what I’m talking about when I say that chafing in that area can bring a girl to tears. All it takes is a sweaty day and a long walk in a skirt. In college, my friends and I used to call the condition “Jane Blaze,” as in, “Why are you walking so funny?” “Because I have a serious case of Jane Blaze.”

When I started running, Jane was my constant workout companion. I tried wearing traditional running shorts and spent the bulk of my run trying to halt their constant migration north. As the fabric rose, my skin rubbed against itself, and nobody was happy: Not me and definitely not the innocent bystanders who had to watch me tugging on my drawers every few steps.

I switched to bike shorts and things got a bit better, but my running life was revolutionized the day I was introduced to Body Glide. Ladies, in the annals of Things That Make Our Lives Easier, Body Glide ranks right up there with Spanx and paid maternity leave. It’s that good. The anti-chafing balm comes in a package that looks like a stick of deodorant. Before you work out, you take off the cap and rub the stick anywhere that you have usually chafing or blister trouble. Poof! Your hot spots are banished.

Even members of the Thighs Don’t Touch Club can reap the benefits of Body Glide’s goodness. It’s awesome under bra straps, on heels to prevent blisters, beneath the girls to stop them from rubbing against your rib cage. You can find Body Glide at sporting goods stores like The Sports Authority, and you can check it out online here. I get nothing out of promoting this product, but if I can help even one of my sisters in sweat elude that wench Jane Blaze, that’s payment enough for me.

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