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Where’s Kim?

This week’s schedule is pretty usual: I’m teaching Intro Step/Step I at 7 p.m. Wednesday and Step Blast at 6:30 a.m. Thursday at Feminine Fitness in Hackensack. I’m also subbing the 9 a.m. Cardio Mix and 10 a.m. Body Sculpt classes at Excel Fitness at the Excelsior in Hackensack stepon Saturday, March 21. Let me know if you’re interested in coming!
Also, race season is ramping up again! Yay! I’ll be running the New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15K (which also has a 4-mile race attached) in Central Park this Sunday. If you’re signed up for this sold-out run, too, give me a shout.

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Run River Edge

The River Edge Run is fast approaching. The 5K (or 3.1-mile) run/walk will take place in River Edge, NJ, on Saturday, April 18. If you need a new goal or challenge, why not sign up? You’ll even get a tee shirt for your trouble! Find more info here.

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That Donut Just Cost You Five Minutes


I have to admit, I’m in the throes of a really bad baked goods frenzy. It’s been going on for two days, and I’m hoping that it’s just about done. But when I read that a new study proves that even a little obesity takes years off your life, it gave me even more incentive to drop the luscious lemon-poppyseed muffin I’d been craving. The study found that “those who are extremely obese, about 100 or more pounds over a healthy weight, could be shortening their lives by as many as 10 years,” USA Today reports. And those who are 40 lbs. overweight are effectively taking three years off their life. So what’s it going to be? Another serving of french fries or years of happy memories with your grandkids?

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The Haul Officially Begins!

standingbow1Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first official post of Haul Buns!, where I’ll try to entertain and inform you about the stuff we dig: working out, eating right, having fun, (occasionally) slacking off, feeling good and keeping everything in balance. Keep checking back for all the stuff you’ve seen in my newsletters over the past year — class updates, recipes, contests, announcements — and a lot more. And tell your friends!

And just in case you thought you accidentally wound up at a bakery site, “Haul Buns!” is just a more family-friendly way to say “Move Yer Behind!” After all, my momma is one of the awesome women on my mailing list, and we’ve got to keep her happy…

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