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Shop Talk

I know it’s January, annual month of cutting back and taking stock… like when I was knee-deep in closet clutter a few weekends ago and called out to The Boyfriend — who was watching TV in the living room — in my despair, “I am NOT allowed to buy any more workout wear. I have enough!” and then the pile of sweaters that I had carefully sorted and folded fell over into a giant heap and I almost cried? And I really meant to stick to that plaintive cubby confession?

Yeah, not so much. All it took was a payday, a lunchtime trip to T.J. Maxx and a clearance rack to make me break that particular resolve.  Ah well, you can’t win them all. And while I can’t find an online picture of the comfy pink Prana workout top I scored for $5, I will share with you this pretty one I am now lusting after, thanks to a visit to the company’s site.

Not like I needed to look that far — not when  Steph, one of the cool chicks who visits this site, was sporting this cute number at this morning’s Spin class. She sweated a lot and still looked hot: the hallmark of good gym wear.

But seriously. I’m done buying stuff for a while. Seriously. I mean it.

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Shop Talk: The Empire Strikes Back

blackbratopI almost don’t want to blog about these terrific workout tops from Champion for fear that you all will snap them up and I won’t be able to get them anymore. Seriously, they’re that good. But in the name of one Haul-er helping another, I’ll give up the goods.

The Champion Powerlight Seamless Empire Tech Tank is perfect for those of us who want a cute, supportive, wicking workout tank top but don’t necessarily want something that’s tight around the belly. I saw a woman wearing this top last year while I was running a race. I thought it looked cute on her skinny little self,  but I didn’t pursue it because I was pretty sure it would make me look pregnant. Then I saw it on another, more curvy woman a few weeks ago and she looked great, so I gave it a try. It rocks! In fact, the top highlights the parts of me that I love (shoulders and arms) and falls nicely to my waist without clinging to my mid-section.

I bought two of these puppies and wore them running, teaching (Spinning and step) and taking yoga. They were super comfortable during every activity. If you want one of your very own, they’re available at the Champion site and through online retailers like Amazon.

But that’s just my take on workout gear. What are some brands/styles you love? Hate? Let’s hear it!


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