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Feel The (Realistic) Burn

calories-main_fullIt’s easy, once you’re done being active for the day, to think you’ve burned enough calories to merit that extra scoop of ice cream on top of dessert. The frustrating truth is, you probably haven’t. Most people grossly overestimate how many calories they’ve burned while moving their bodies. But all hope is not lost: You can come pretty close to an estimate of what you’ve actually burned with sites like Fitness Jumpsite, which uses your weight and length of time you’d like to be active to generate a list of 222 activities and how many calories you can burn doing them. For instance, I found that a 45-minute run (at my weight) knocks off about 550 calories. Woohoo! And 45 minutes of gardening, if I actually had a garden, would burn around 250. However, all of the plants would die due to my black thumb, and then I’d burn even fewer calories tending to them.

Find out how many calories you burn (remember, it’s just a ballpark number; intensity counts for a lot) for the activities you do on a regular basis. How do they stack up? More than you thought? Less? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Haul Buns, Bergen County!

Walk with -- or away from -- your co-workers!

Walk with -- or away from -- your co-workers!

This Wednesday is Walk At Work Day in Bergen County. It’s sponsored by the good people at the Bergen County Health Department, who basically just want us to get off our keisters and move around. You don’t have to raise money or do anything other than be active for 30 minutes, but you can register here. If you get a big enough group of walkers, you might get a prize!

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Make Your Mat Matter


Yoga mats are awesome things: What else in your life allows you to lay on it, sweat on it, walk all over it with your stinky bare feet and then roll it up and stash it away until you’re ready to use it again? (If you have another answer for that question, it’s probably best kept to yourself, yes?) But the beating that our foamy friends take — especially if you’re a Pilates and/or yoga regular — means you’ll eventually need to replace them. If you’re thinking about tossing an old yoga mat, take a look at these creative, out-of-the-gym uses for mats past their prime. (I particularly love the coaster idea. Just think of the possibilities! When you’re hosting cocktails with friends, you can point to the coaster under your friend’s mojito and casually say, “Oh that old thing? Yeah, I was so hard-core about my fitness regimen that I wore out a yoga mat. Anyone’s drink need freshening up?”)

If being all Martha Stewart-ish doesn’t interest you, how about donating your mat to charity? This one takes mats made from all materials and either recycles them or gives them to community programs that need them — making you, as a donator, one of the coolest downward dogs around.

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Haulin’ All Over The World

Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation in Costa Rica, which was every bit as awesome and fun as everyone told me it would be. The Boyfriend and I did a lot of hiking, nature-communing and delicious food-consuming on the Osa Peninsula. The photo is of me (on my birthday!) after we climbed down 500 feet from the rainforest to some tidal pools along the beach. Good times!

But those good times also meant that I came back to a higher number on the scale than when I left. Boo! So this week I’m focusing on getting back into the groove: resuming my workouts, filling the house with healthy groceries and (most importantly) posting on Haul Buns! But first I want to hear from you: When you’ve been a little too lax on vacation, how do YOU pull yourself back on track once you’re back in the real world?

Photo credit: The Boyfriend

Photo credit: The Boyfriend

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In Praise Of The Potato

If you don’t eat potatoes because you fear carbs, take a look at this interesting piece from The Atlanta-Journal Consitution. Dietician Carolyn O’Neil gives us a few good reasons to savor our spuds. “Potatoes are nutrition good guys,” she writes. Truer words never were spoken! potato

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The Haul Officially Begins!

standingbow1Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first official post of Haul Buns!, where I’ll try to entertain and inform you about the stuff we dig: working out, eating right, having fun, (occasionally) slacking off, feeling good and keeping everything in balance. Keep checking back for all the stuff you’ve seen in my newsletters over the past year — class updates, recipes, contests, announcements — and a lot more. And tell your friends!

And just in case you thought you accidentally wound up at a bakery site, “Haul Buns!” is just a more family-friendly way to say “Move Yer Behind!” After all, my momma is one of the awesome women on my mailing list, and we’ve got to keep her happy…

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